What you are looking at are 14 different flavor egg rolls, each filled with their own unique stuffing. We have spent years developing these flavors. We know they all taste great.


What are you waiting for? Try some now!!!

Meat Egg Rolls 

4 egg rolls for $8 

*You may split up to 2 flavors ONLY

1) Original Pork          

2) BBQ Chicken

3) Beef Noodles         

4) Buffalo Chicken

5) Cheese Burger       

6) Chicken Pad Thai 

7) Chili Cheese Dog    

8) Crab Lover

9) Crazy Bacon          

10) Gyro

11) Pepperoni Pizza

egg rolls.jpg

Veggie Egg Rolls

4 egg rolls for $8

*You may split up to 2 flavors ONLY

12) Original Veggie

13) Jalapeno Popper

14) Mac N Cheese